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Welcome to Rama Central’s brand new Green Team BLOG!

These are some of the faces that make up our Green Team.  Information about various team members is provided in the “About Us” BLOG post, below.

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For more information about any of our Green Team activities, please contact Margaret Black:

Waste Diversion & Energy/Water Conservation: “The Game Plan”

1.  The Grade 5-8 Recycling and Compost Crew has been working hard for the past six weeks, collecting recycling and compost from around the building, sorting out any misfiled items, and taking this “diverted waste” to the outdoor bins for pick up by the County of Simcoe.

2.  Mr. Burgie (our Custodian) and the Recycling and Compost Crew have noticed regular issues with the proper sorting of waste, so at a planning meeting on Tuesday, October 16th, Mrs. Black will review the guidelines for sorting of refuse with the Grade 5 Mighty Beans.

3.  The following week, The Mighty Beans will meet with Mrs. Black to play some educational waste sorting games.  They will also brainstorm some activities that save energy and water (e.g. turn water taps off, turn lights and computers off when not in use).

4.  Next, Mrs. Black and The Mighty Beans will conduct a school-wide waste, energy and water audit, identifying what is going well and where we could improve in the areas of waste sorting and energy/water conservation.  (We will tackle waste reduction as a separate campaign, later in the school year.)

5.  Mrs. Park will supervise the next part of “the game plan,” within the context of the Grade 5 Conservation of Energy Science unit. The Mighty Beans will analyze the results of the school-wide audit and create some items (announcements, posters, etc.) to educate staff and students about the waste sorting rules and how we can help conserve energy and water.  These outreach initiatives will fulfill curriculum requirements for both Science and Media Literacy.

6.  Then, as part of their Conservation of Energy Science unit, members of The Mighty Beans will begin to conduct random spot checks of rooms throughout the school, to see if people are remembering to sort waste properly and conserve energy and water.  The note on the left will provide staff with feedback about observations made during spot checks.

7.  The Mighty Beans will work with Mrs. Black to create some recycled-item trophies and certificates. Each month, one or two awards will be presented by The Mighty Beans, recognizing classes that have performed well during spot checks.  The accomplishments of award recipients will also be celebrated on the morning announcements.  The picture on the right shows an example of a monthly certificate and trophy, presented to a class a few years ago.

For more information about any of our Green Team activities, please contact Margaret Black:

About Us

At Rama Central P.S. we take pride in our Green Team and its many activities.

This year, the student team consists of students in every classroom who conserve energy, recycle and compost, plus:

  • Classroom Recycling Helpers, who take recycling to the hallway bins
  • The Compost and Recycling Crew… a core group of dedicated Grade 3-7 students who collect garbage and compost from classroom bins, plus recycling from hallway bins, and ready it for pick-up
  • The Mighty Beans… an enthusiastic team of Grade 5 students who help to make the school more environment-friendly, via club and Science activities
  • Grade 1 and 6 Environmental Science Buddies
  • The Bean Sprouts… after Christmas, we are hoping to establish a Grade 1-4 green club, run by the Grade 5 Mighty Beans

Adult members of the team include members of staff who promote energy conservation, waste reduction and waste diversion by word and example. Those with additional responsibilities include:

  • Mrs. Clark, who supports and promotes the efforts of the Green Team through her role as Principal
  • our Custodian Mr. Burgie, who assists and advises the team
  • Mrs Black, who serves as Staff Advisor to the Compost and Recycling Crew and Mighty Beans
  • Mrs. Park, who teaches the Conservation of Energy Science unit to the Grade 5 Mighty Beans
  • Mrs. Turnbull and Mrs. Black, who facilitate Science Buddies
  • Mrs. Houston (now retired), who provides advice and assistance with the school’s Pollination Garden
  • our Parent Council, which is currently fund-raising to build us an outdoor classroom

For more information about any of our Green Team activities, please contact Margaret Black: